Abroad Film is a production service company specialising in Hungary and Bulgaria.

We are film industry production specialists based in Budapest but also have offices in London to help the coordination of all production work.

The company was founded by Attila Horvath in 2017. Attila has had over twenty years of experience within his own agency HAB Advert before dedicating himself to both local and service production.

Abroad Films produces commercials, feature films, short films and television productions throughout Hungary. The company is dedicated to facilitating production to the highest standard for directors from across the world. We offer our expertise to facilitate any scale of production in the most reliable environment, with the most competitive prices. 

Attila has also succeeded in nurturing the best of local Hungarian talent throughout his career. This gives Abroad Film access to the best HODs and Master Technicians across all departments who combine craftsmanship with invaluable local insight.

The highest standards in film and tv production.

Abroad Films delivers and maintains the highest standards in its production output. We work with producers to ensure we deliver the very best value for money

Abroad Film London offices opened in March 2019. These offices mean we can deliver first-class coordination with UK producers, both independent and in house.

*in partnership with Proton Cinema


abroad film Attila Horvath

Abroad Films: What We Can Do For You:

  • Organise every detail of the local production or just the things you want us to do.
  • Secure the finest crew, all the way from the most talented filmmakers, set designers and mask specialists to the best special effect and post-production companies.
  • Give help and advice on what are the most prominent and suitable locations.
  • Suggest the most suitable studios for your movie, tv production, short film, tv show or commercial.
  • Provide hosting and accommodation for all crew members.
  • Management of Visa and work permits.
  • Help with finance and tax benefits of filming in Hungary and Bulgaria.